Turgenev Talk

Podcasts from Middlebury College students on the life, works, and criticism of I.S. Turgenev

Readings With Commentary

Podcasts with Readings of Turgenev’s Works with Commentary

Turgenev wrote many works of short fiction, poetry, and even several plays. Listen to the following podcasts on the following works of Turgenev’s for readings of excerpts and commentary.

Mar. 2, 2009 – Sportsman Sketches – Sophie  – listen on  iTunes | download .m4a

An excerpt from one story in Turgenev’s “Sportsman’s Sketches.” Sophie also examines Turgenev’s impression of his highly anti-serfdom work, the reactions of the critics, and the political importance of his work.

Mar. 16, 2009 – A Provincial Lady – Cathy, Sophie, Casey & Ashley – listen on  iTunes | download .m4a

On Turgenev’s one-act comedy, said to have later influenced the writing of the Russian playwright, Anton Chekhov. Cathy summarizes and provides analysis, and the whole “company” performs an excerpt.

Apr. 13, 2009 – Poetry In Prose – Cathy – listen on  iTunes | download .m4a

Excerpts from and analysis of Turgenev’s beautiful Poetry In Prose, his last work. Cathy reads selections from the work and provides a commentary following each.


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